Get through the environmental shift by utilizing continuous validation with purple team exercises

Now that 50-60% of your employees are WFH, they are no longer in the safety of your office environment. This signals that the approach to security should now change. By coalescing red and blue team activities to uncover security gaps, you can rapidly uncover gaps and reduce your risk. In this episode of cyber rangers we will cover purple team activities that will help you improve your cyber security posture in times of flux such as COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch this 30-minute episode of Cyber Rangers Web Series

  • Purple Teaming is the ultimate solution for adequate cybersecurity. How to attain it?

  • Budgets are tight, cost-effective ways to increase your security posture by utilizing your existing security stack to its maximum capacity.

  • Continuously run red team activities and supercharge your blue teams.


Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 10.09.31Pablo Ridgeway
Solution Engineer, Picus