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Learn the Steps of Achieving Agile Cyber Threat Hunting.

Modern attack campaigns use sophisticated defense evasion techniques, hide in networks as long as necessary to wait for the right moment to move to the next action. Acquiring threat hunting as a SOC capability transforms organizations’ security focus from reactive to proactive in detecting advanced malicious activities.

Though as a concept threat hunting is reasonably straightforward, its execution consists of complicated chained tasks and requires rigorous preparation. Additionally, no matter how skillful or experienced a threat hunter is, they depend on the available data to look for a threat’s traces. 

Volkan Ertürk, CTO at Picus Security, covers some of the challenges that could impede a threat hunting process and offer some fresh perspectives to overcome them.

Topics covered in this session include:

  • Challenges Impeding Threat Hunting

  • Discussion on Hypothesis Building

  • Accessing the Best Unique TTP Content to Go After Them

  • Best Practices in Gaining Agility for Quicker and more Frequent Threat Hunting



Volkan Erturk  shield-team-linkedin-white

Co-Founder & CTO, Picus Security

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