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Leverage your EDR to Achieve Accurate Visibility against TTPS.

Your Endpoint Security Tool Is Not Being Used Effectively!

And businesses keep investing in more advanced endpoint security tools...

Did you know, over 50% of cybersecurity professionals say their organizations are ineffective at preventing major threats today because their endpoint security solutions are not effective at detecting advanced attacks?

Due to that, SOC teams need an effective alert validation process that enables them to effectively and proactively detect cyber threats.

The question is: How?

Come and join our free webinar where we will address the challenges for EDR Alert Management and show how you can optimize EDR's visibility coverage!

Topics covered in this session include:

  • Challenges for EDR Alert Management

  • Optimizing EDR's Visibility Coverage

  • Best Practices in Identify if EDR policies are set Correctly and Deliver the Required Context



Armagan Zaloglu  shield-team-linkedin-white

VP Technical Alliances, Picus Security

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