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Upgrade Threat Hunting with Attack Simulation

Threat hunting is a complex SOC practice and dependent on the quality of some more fundamental SOC practices, such as threat intelligence, log management, and detection.

Picus Security Control Validation Platform not only helps improve all fundamental SOC practices but also provides valuable content and context for agile threat hunting. Volkan Ertürk, CTO Nurdagan Ciki, Blue Team Manager at Picus Security, demonstrate how:

  • The Picus Security Validation Platform could Help to Develop the Right Hunting Hypotheses

  • Enriched Picus Threat Samples Give the Required Content

  • The Picus Security Validation Platform Makes Sure that SOC Infrastructure has the Required Data

  • Detection Content in the Form of Sigma and Vendor-Specific Rules Empower Threat Hunters.



Volkan Ertürk  shield-team-linkedin-white

Co-Founder & CTO, Picus Security


Nurdogan Ciki  https://www.linkedin.com/in/nrdgn/

Blue Team Manager, Picus Security

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