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SOCs are becoming more ubiquitous as organizations large and small shift security efforts from prevention only to a blend of prevention and detection. Gartner forecasts by 2024, 25% of all organizations will have a SOC function, up from 10% today.

The challenges organizations face when running or designing security operations functions are often very similar to their peers; what has your organization forgotten or overlooked? and what is essential in the roadmap for your SOC? Learn from the experience of others as we explore quick wins and common issues organizations face.

Key Areas of Focus:

  • The importance of communication, both outwardly to non-security teams in the organization as well as senior-level executives.

  • Being proactive in security and what that really means operationally.

  • Understanding your processes and what makes them more or less valuable, what can you really automate?

  • Prerequisites for managing increasingly multifunctional SOCs, with duties ranging from threat intelligence and threat detection to threat hunting and incident response, effectively.

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SOC Reload

The Odyssey to Proactive Security Operation Centers

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Keynote Speaker

Pete Shoard 

Senior Director Analyst at Gartner

A former Serving Member of the Royal Air Force, Security Analyst and Security Architect, Pete Shoard has worked for many of the UK’s leading Cybersecurity firms, including BAE Systems, Deloitte and BT. Pete’s research at Gartner is focused on MSSPs and Security Monitoring Technologies such as SIEM and Behavioural Analytics (UEBA).


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