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In this session with RoseAnn Gutierrez from IBM Security, we discussed how advanced SIEM platforms with well-built detection analytics processes can help identify issues that may impede visibility and alignment across the cybersecurity estate.

Key discussion topics include:

  • Importance of ensuring consistent log generation and collection for unimpaired SOC visibility.

  • Overcoming alert fatigue by implementing practices that would preempt adversarial attempts in the early phases of the kill-chain.

  • How SOCs could guide operations for achieving better prevention rates.

Solution Brief: IBM QRadar

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Guest Speaker

RoseAnn Gutierrez

Technical Enablement Specialist - IBM Security Business Development Technical Alliance Program (TAP)

Roseann Guttierrez is a Technical Enablement Specialist at IBM Security. She has more than 20 years of experience in Information Technology specializing in Computer Forensics, Digital Investigation, and Critical Infrastructure Security. She worked as a Senior Cloud Security Engineer for IBM Cloud and as a Senior Security Analyst in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) Security Operations Center. She is passionate about security, believes it is important to share knowledge to make security better, and loves all things Marvel.


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Armagan Zaloglu

VP Product Marketing & Technical Alliances

Arma─čan Zalo─člu is the Vice President of Product Marketing and Technology Alliances at Picus Security. Previously he held business development positions for McAfee, Blue Coat Systems and Damballa. Since 2016, Arma─čan has been working intensively with Picus engineers and external stakeholders such as corporate clients, technology vendors, integrators, research analysts and consultants for the development and adaptation of the threat-centric security validation concept.