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A use case describes a relevant scenario of compromise and potential method(s) of detecting the offensive activity. In this session, Chris Crowley, Senior Instructor at the SANS Institute, and Volkan Ertürk, CTO of Picus Security will decompose a sophisticated attack campaign and discuss some innovative approaches that could empower SOC Analysts in proactively building security use cases against such adversarial attempts.

Key discussion topics include:

  • Unburdening SOC employees of the threat intelligence, detection, and playbooks related workload

  • Achieving business relevance and prioritization in SOC activities

  • Best practices and options for empowering existing SOC technologies

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SOC Reload

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Guest Speaker 

Chris Crowley

SOC Class-Class Course Author SANS Institute Senior Instructor

Christopher Crowley has 20 years of experience managing and securing networks, beginning with his first job as an Ultrix and VMS systems administrator at 15 years old. Today, Crowley is a Senior Instructor at the SANS Institute and the course author for SOC-Class.com. He works with a variety of organizations across industries providing cybersecurity technical analysis, developing and publishing research, sharing expert security insights at conferences, and chairing security operations events.

Group 258


Volkan Erturk

CTO & Co-Founder

Volkan Ertürk has over 20+ years of business and technical leadership in IT security. He consulted several mid and large size enterprises and government agencies on security audits, policy and process development, and architecture topics. He also worked as cyber defense specialist and instructor at the NATO Science for Peace and Security program. Volkan holds Bachelor’s in Math and M.S. in Information Systems; thesis on continuous security monitoring. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Information Security.